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Unlock the potential in your team by increasing worker engagement, team connectedness, and overall happiness at work.

Simple Setup

Upon signing up with a work email address, Coolr automatically creates a company branded experience for employees, complete with logo, news and corporate social content populating the app. It also triggers the automatic collection of important information from employees on how they believe things can be improved.


Coolr Newsfeed

The latest work news, updates, and information from team members is available and updated throughout the day in this one-to-many communication tool. Coolr boosts transparency and awareness while being bite size, mobile, and most importantly, a work app that employees actually want to use.

Coolr Feedback

Coolr offers a super simple, automatic feedback feature that polls employees anonymously once a week with curated questions on culture, work environment, team dynamics, and performance to gather data. This gives team members a voice to help leaders and the organization better understand what employees want to see improved so action can be taken that helps with retention and overall engagement.

Gain valuable insights from your team!

Coolr Appreciation

Feeling appreciated for your contributions, and, as an individual, bringing unique value to your team and organization is super important, yet often overlooked. Coolr helps foster value-based recognition and appreciation for people and teams any time of the day or week, and ensures you never miss a team member’s birthday or work anniversary.

Coolr Leader Studio

The number one factor related to employee engagement is a team member’s manager. Coolr helps leaders be more effective at creating highly engaged teams, who will achieve more than others. With the Coolr Leader Studio:


About Coolr

We believe that employee engagement matters because we have worked on teams and companies where we have seen the power of what a highly functional, highly engaged team can achieve. The industry data today that shows that only ~30% of people are engaged in their work/company - that is a problem we just don’t find acceptable.


Because it means leaders aren’t leading effectively, and team members with great ideas and capacity to make a difference are wasting time, and aren’t fully committing to realizing their potential through contributions to their team and organization.

We believe we can help leaders and teams to accelerate overall engagement, happiness, employee retention, and ultimately the outcomes of what the team and business deliver.

In the companies that have been using Coolr, leaders are reporting to us that they are seeing increases in team engagement, team connectedness, incremental appreciation for co-workerse, and overall increases in employee happiness through the use of Coolr. To us, that means we are making an impact on people, teams, and organizations, and ultimately what they produce, and that is how Coolr is making a contribution to the world.

Employee engagement matters. If you’re not addressing it today, or need help, Coolr will help catalyze your efforts. Our mission is to impact the world through helping create highly engaged teams who will deliver more than they otherwise could.

Coolr leaders care about and believe in their team. Become one today!

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